Neuro Champions Group - Liverpool Self Harm Group

March - June 2018
  • To allow the young people a safe space to share their experiences.
  • To engage in conversations around why people might self-harm.
  • To allow young people a regular safe space to think about what resources they would like developed to support young people in similar situations to themselves.


Facilitators: Megan Charles, Naomi Mwasambili & Alexandra Vass

Youth Workers: Joanne Hoban-Mcglynn and Diane Crozier-Smith


Held at Sensor City in Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter, the programme utilised group conversation, creative and digital resources as well as having a dedicated physical activity space during every session. This consisted of a facilitated boxing programme (in collaboration with Merseyside Sports Partnership) that encouraged the young people to think about their physical, as well as emotional wellbeing.



  • 90% of the group members were looked after children.
  • 8 young people regularly attended and engaged in group discussions about their life experiences.
  • 10 young people engaged in regular exercise (in the form of boxing).
  • 2 young women have transitioned into foster and care home placements successfully.
  • Open discussions about self harm, how it presents and why people do it.
  • 2 young people who have been out of school for over a year are back in school.
  • Group members described feeling safe and that more staff should work in an open way like within the group.