Improving Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing

Executive Summary

Chanua started working with the Targeted Services for Young People in March 2017 on their Neuro Champions Programme. The collaboration was facilitated and maintained by Joanne Hoban-Mcglynn and Diane Crozier-Smith of Liverpool City Council and the Chanua team.

The Neuro Champions programme was created and facilitated by Chanua and works with young people to teach them about the brain, neuroscience and mental health using digital tools and games.

The programme includes:

  • Neuro Champions Young Leaders in Mental Health Programme
  • Neuro Hub therapeutic support
  • Train the Trainers’ Programme
  • Bespoke workshops and courses focused on mental health


This report details the outcomes of the collaboration over the past 12 months and recommendations for the next steps.

For many children, developing positive relationships with adults is a difficult task. Prior negative history and interfering behaviour often conspire to make the task of relationship development long and arduous. The easiest, most straightforward way to achieve a high level of intervention intensity in the relationship-building domain is to think about embedding opportunities. For children who have mostly heard criticism, it takes, we feel, a lot of messages to the contrary.”

The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning Vanderbilt University

About the Collaborators

About Targeted Youth Support Team

The Liverpool City Council Targeted support team is a voluntary engagement offer within Targeted Services for young people who are struggling to engage with other services and focuses on identifying and addressing the unmet needs of the young person. The referrals into this service come from a variety of sources including Children’s Services, Care Homes, Schools, Early Intervention Hubs, Health, Specialised organisations e.g. RASA, YPAS, Addaction, In-house referrals TSYP (missing team and community resolution), Police and the JIT.

The intervention programmes have targeted young people who have participated in intensive one to one work or have been identified as having experienced traumatic episodes in their life including social violence, sexual abuse, isolation, bereavement and loss, neglect, emotional harm, mental health challenges and negative peer pressure. In addition we address the impact of parental mental ill health, domestic abuse and substance misuse (the toxic trio).

Not addressing these issues can have a significant adverse impact on young people and their outcomes in childhood and adulthood e.g. in education, training / employment and relationship development.

About Chanua

Chanua is a healthcare and technology innovation organisation using the power of connection to build a healthier world. Based in Liverpool, they specialise in Health, Mental Health and Technology projects. Founded by Naomi Mwasambili and Megan Charles, who have a background in Psychological Therapies, Research and Technology, they run a range of projects focused on improving individual, family and community health and wellbeing.

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