Neuro Champions Group - Alder Centre for Education

September 2017 - February 2018
  • The Brain and You
  • Feelings Emotions and Neuros
  • The Brain and Emotions
  • Sharing the Message of Mental Health
  • Digital and Media Skills


Facilitators: Naomi Mwasambili, Juliette Simpson

Youth Workers: Joanne Hoban-Mcglynn and Diane Crozier-Smith


Held at Sensor City in Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter, the programme supported young people from ACE school who had a mixture of long term physical health problems, emotional needs and near developmental needs (including Autism) and were in physical recovery. The group were supported to think about their brains and emotions, then create content to share with their peers. The group was a powerful example of the importance of bringing young boys together to discuss their emotions this at times lead to some emotional and very open conversations lead by the young boys within the group.



  • 2 group members transitioned back into main stream school.
  • Open honest discussions from each member around their experiences of feeling low, suicidal thoughts and how they got themselves through these experiences
  • Supportive and safe environment for young boys to express their emotions.
  • 1 group member won a Healthcare event sponsored by Amazon and is now part of a start up business.
  • Group members developed advice for peers to improve their mental health and wellbeing.
  • The young bots created digital content that will be shared on Neuro Champions Channels.