Childrens Society Myth Busters in Mental Health

9th September 2018

Kirsten Naude – Head of Partnerships at The Children’s Society outlines our collaboration and some of the Myths currently circulating about Digital Mental Health.

Kirsten supports The Children’s Society’s latest sponsored social tech ventures, including us and Mind Moose.

In this article, Kirsten is busting the myths that technology is seen as a negative factor towards children’s mental health. As a ‘Tech for good’ company it is written that we use technology to help tackle mental and emotional health issues. There is also potential regarding the products use to create a positive impact for young people.

Kirsten talks about our Neuro Champions programme, and our work there with young people in exploring their understanding on mental health. Also mentioned is our future plan regarding our Neuro Champions Game which used VR/AR to teach children about their brains and the impact it has on mental/emotional health and wellbeing.

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